Ms Ponds Petersen holds a bachelor’s degree in science, specialising in Zoology, Botany, Environment and Psychology from the University of the Western Cape. She also holds Administration, Computer Literacy and Office Management ACLOM certificates from the University of Pretoria.

Ms Petersen is a teacher by profession and a member of the South African Council for Educators. She facilitated and implemented through workshops, the introduction of School Governing Bodies to schools on behalf of the Department of Education.

Ms Petersen passed her Regulatory Examination and is registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) as a Financial Advisor. She serves as a Team member to ensure that financial literacy and Consumer awareness programs are taken to Communities.

Ms Petersen is serving as a Provincial Treasurer of a community-based Organization, the South African National Civic Organisation. She is very fond of the well-being of her community, through serving as a Volunteer to combat the use and abuse of drugs, misuse of alcohol and Anti Bullying/Gangsterism at the school level.

Ms Petersen has been serving as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo since 11 March 2020.