11 September 2023
 In observance of Arbor Day, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) is pleased to reaffirm its dedication to environmental preservation and community well-being through a number of initiatives designed to encourage tree planting, increase public awareness of the value of trees, and cultivate an appreciation for the environment among people of all ages, this year's theme, "Forest and Health" highlights key issues that include sustainable use of medicinal plants which play a significant role in health and socio-economic revitalization of communities. In addition, the campaign will promote Agroforestry as one of the key contributors in attaining food security and it will be launched at Hampton Park in Hampton Street, Lenasia South, Region G on Tuesday, 12 September 2023.
The annual celebration of Arbor Day, which emphasizes the value of trees and their preservation, gives Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) an opportunity to emphasize the essential part that trees play in preserving a healthy and sustainable ecology. Arbor Day serves as a reminder that every person has the potential to significantly improve the condition of the earth. 

We can all work together to create a greener, more sustainable future by planting trees, speaking out in favor of tree preservation, or just becoming more aware of the important role that trees play in our lives.
Trees have significant impacts on the ecology and economy and are essential to sustaining the ecological balance of our world. Trees support a variety of plant and animal species, which increases biodiversity. With innumerable species and complex food webs, forests are among the planet's most diversified ecosystems. By absorbing and pollutants from the air, trees serve as natural air filters, enhancing air quality and lowering respiratory issues in both people and wildlife. By assisting in avoiding the long-term costs associated with extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and other climate-related difficulties, trees play an important role in reducing the effects of climate change.