31 August 2020

Media Statement

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

For immediate release

Joburg residents urged to plant trees during Arbor Month

Annual Arbor Week observed from 1-7 September  commenced in the City of Joburg with the planting of  indigenous trees in Gamka Park, in Riverlea and a door-to-door distribution of 200 peach; citrus and apple trees, to new homeowners in Protea Glen, Soweto. A further 5 000 indigenous trees will be planted during Arbor Month in September, across Johannesburg.

Councillor Margaret Arnolds the MMC for Community Development joined by Councillor Mpho Moerane, the MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services in the City of Joburg, reaffirmed that tree planting programmes are being accelerated to bridge the green-divide in the City and to tackle the growing concerns of the ageing tree canopy that has been adversely affected by pests and diseases such as the Polyphagus Shot Hole Borer (PSHB); illegal tree felling, erratic weather and urbanization.

“A large portion of Joburg’s tree canopy will be reaching its full life expectancy in the next two (2) to three (3) decades. We therefore urgently need to adopt a multi-stakeholder plan to grow Joburg’s urban canopy or future generations will pay the price of us failing to act, now,” stated Arnolds.

JCPZ is in the process of recovering over R1m in fines issued during the lockdown to delinquent residents who illegal felled trees in the City. Penalties for the illegal removal of trees includes a fine, and the replacement value of the tree which is based on age, size, species, availability, location, historical significance and current market prices that varies between R20k – R100k per tree. City Parks is inundated by requests to remove trees due to falling leaves. These requests reflects the need for residents to be educated on recycling and the immeasurable value of a tree.

Tree planting plans are being expedited to offset tree-losses. Progress however has been hampered due to seasonal water restrictions and space constraints. Residents who have the space are therefore encouraged to plant fruit or indigenous trees to support the dwindling urban canopy.

“A tree, no matter what the season works as a natural air sanitizer,  that keeps your air filtered from pollutants; deters erosion; acts as a coolant; provides a habitat for wildlife; serves as a food source; has the potential to increase property values and has far reaching benefits for mental health,” she added.

As part of the proceedings trees were planted in memory of the lives lost due to Covid19.

Arnolds urged residents to make tree planting a way of life to pay tribute to love ones. “The legacy of a tree planted to mark a family milestone is a lifelong gift and can be extremely healing,” she stated.



Issued on behalf of

Councillor Margaret Arnolds

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development

City of Joburg


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GM: Stakeholder and Media Relations

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 Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo celebrates Arbor Month

“Forests and Biodiversity”                                                                

Bridging the green-divide by creating a more liveable Joburg






28 September 2020


New Road and Walton

Planting 1000 trees


Main Activity

01 September 2020



Corner Jukskei and Gamka streets, Gamka Park


Symbolic tree planting


16 September 2020

Constantia Kloof

Oribi Street Park



Kettle Street Park

Planting 60 trees





Main Activity

01 September 2020



Protea Glen Extension 28

Corner Morula and Macadamia streets




Orlando West, Soweto

Martha Louw Street

Inkanyezi Home Based Care Centre


Distribution of 200 fruit trees

(Prunus Persia, Citrus and Prunus armeniaca Species)

Educational Awareness


Rehabilitation of  Inkanyezi food garden


17 September 2020

Mervyn Road Park, Upper Houghton


Planting 150 trees


15 September 2020

Brixton Cemetery

Vrededorp, Johannesburg


Forthringham Park

King Street


Planting 500 trees



17 September 2020

Eldorado Park

Kremetart Avenue Mahonie, Sneeuberg, Alberg, Kammagas Park, Cedarberg Park, Boundary Park, Union Road, Potjiesberg Park and Fountain Park


Lenasia South

Manganese Crescent


Orange Farm

Stretford Ridge Park, Mandela Park, Orange Farm Regional Park, Mountain View Park and Lakeside Park

Planting 400 trees