Joburg Zoo family keeps growing

22 June 2020

The Johannesburg Zoo is excited to announce a few new additions the family. During the national lockdown, the care and well-being of all animals at the Joburg Zoo has been of paramount importance.

The staff at the zoo work tirelessly and under strict Covid regulations and are committed to the conservation of approximately 2000 animals, providing them with world class care and peace of mind.

Since April 2020, we were pleasantly surprised with a few newbies. A wild dog pup debuted in early April bringing much fuss in the enclosure. The wild dogs were moved to the Joburg Zoo in January 2014 from the Hoedspruit Endangered Wildlife Centre in Hoedspruit. Our latest member is loving its new environment while being bombarded with attention from the adult dogs. Wild dogs are an endangered species and hunted in the wild, with the new pup in town, the Zoo prides itself in increasing their numbers.

Other new members include 2 Springboks, a chimpanzee, an adorable little Llama, 2 Nyala, a Wattled Crane chick and 2 Auodad. The endangered Wattled Crane is one of the rarest of crane species in the world. This elegant yet curious bird, with its hasash-grey wings and famed red beak, is the largest of the crane species. Since 2019, City Parks and Zoo has hand-reared approximately 15 chicks through its breeding programmes in a bid to increase and preserve these rare species.