27 September 2022

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

We’re treating our closest living relatives, our Chimps at Joburg Zoo. Thabo, Daisy and Joyce are September babies, so we’ve decided to host a surprise birthday party for them.

Joyce, the queen of the castle, born on 4 September 2003, Thabo on 13 September 1983 and Daisy on 24 September 1984, are in for a surprise of their lives. There are currently 10 chimpanzees at Joburg Zoo. Thabo is the eldest and Bille, a six-month-old female and baby of the bunch, gets all the attention. But Jozi, the youngest male and most charismatic, loves to play and entertain children and visitors, jumping around and showing off his acrobatic skills as visitors are left in awe.

The party will start is planned for this morning, 28 September 2022 at 10am at the Chimp enclosure close to the restaurant and opposite the Tree of Light lawns. Approximately, 120 learners will participate in the day’s activities. The keepers for primates will give an educational Chimp talk, coupled with enrichment demonstrations and chimp themed craft for the kiddies.

The decline in the number of these intelligent and highly social primates, chimpanzees globally and in through tropical Africa face many threats namely, the degradation of forests for timber, mining, farming, and land developments.

Habitat loss, bushmeat hunting and disease contribute to their already dwindling numbers. Where some chimps survive, habitats are often small and far apart, leaving populations isolated.

We’re spoiling our chimps with ice lollies, delectable monkey chow cupcakes, a bubble machine but what’s a party without party packs!

You’re welcome to join us in the festivities!


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