9 February 2022
Media Statement
Tuesday, 9 February 2022
Release: Immediate

Look out for mega blitz clean-ups in your area

The summer rains bring much relief throughout the city with lush green foliage as far as the eye can see. However, the rapid growth of long grass and shrubs in public open spaces can be an eyesore. The damaged and fallen trees due to the inclement weather, result in an unkempt landscape, robbing the city of its beauty.

The newly appointed Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development, Councillor Ronald Harris will be at the forefront of these operations. Harris stated, “We are in the peak season with my office inundated with requests to tackle overgrowth in parks and in identified spaces, and I aim to ensure that there is an integrated plan in place supported by a motivated and equipped workforce, that is ready to showcase a Joburg that works and is in a pristine condition”.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ), the entity in the City of Joburg, responsible for greening, horticulture and maintenance services, has planned mega blitz clean-ups in all 7 regions.

Approximately 200 JCPZ staff members including contractors will form part of the operations, tackling the maintenance shortfalls at Len Rutter Park. JCPZ’s mega blitz clean up campaigns is a call for accelerated, visible and improved service delivery in the city.

The first mega-blitz will be taking place this Thursday, 10 February 2021, from 08h00 to 15h00 at the scenic Len Rutter Park, corner Golf Club Terrace and Louis Botha Drive in Florida. This 37.7Ha park is a favourite amongst residents of the area and is most popular for park runs which attracts over 500 park runners on a single Saturday.

Teams will be cutting long grass; pruning dense and low-hanging branches or street trees pose possible danger to users, as well as litter-picking and the removal of alien invasive plants.

JCPZ’s service delivery and mega blitz clean-up campaign forms part of the City of Joburg’s “Golden Start” a 7-point priority plan which aims to enhance basic services.

Residents are encouraged to take pride in their living space by doing their part in keeping our city clean and liveable by keeping the spaces in front of their homes well maintained.

“We are tackling the horticultural and maintenance shortfalls in green spaces, hence the mega blitz operations across the city. Residents will see a visible transformation of these facilities,” stated Bryne Maduka, Managing Director, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo.

Issued on behalf of
Councillor Ronald Harris
Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development
City of Joburg

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