2 February 2023

If you’re still unrattled by the extreme and unpredictable weather patterns, where floods cause devastation in their paths, sweeping away livelihoods in destructive muddy slides, where drought bring atrocities and wildfires tear down expansive kilometres of forests into cinders, start worrying…

Global climate change is nothing to sit about twiddling our thumbs and scratching our heads in disbelief and ignorance, the time is now for the restoration of our environment, it’s already almost too late.

World Wetlands Day is one of the most significant global environmental calendar days and is commemorated annually on 2 February and throughout the month of February.

This year’s theme, “It’s time for wetlands restoration”, is most apt for the residents in the City of Joburg to play our part in preserving these precious waterbodies found in our communities. We have an opportunity to raise awareness about their importance in our daily lives and how we can restore and preserve them.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ), the entity in the City of Joburg responsible for greening, is encouraging residents to keep their wetlands clean through community clean-up campaigns but sadly, wetlands are used to dispose of oil, chemicals, litter, bulky unwanted items and the like.

JCPZ’s Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) Unit is responsible for management and maintenance of water bodies across the City of Johannesburg. The unit oversees reed control and rehabilitation of wetlands and alien plant control.

Johannesburg boasts several wetlands around the city, these marshy and lush green reeds add beauty to our city, purify the atmosphere by absorbing pollutants, reduce flooding and act as a sponge by absorbing excessive water during stormy rainfall. Wetlands regulate stream flown and provide a natural and safe shelter for many aquatic animals and birds.

Be part of the revolution in restoring our wetlands for future generations.