Services Offered

Services Offered at JBG Herbarium and Library

(Free services to the public for non-commercial requests):

  • Plant identification (assisted and selfservice)
  • Library & herbarium tours
  • School groups (booked through Environmental Education Department)
  • Planting recommendations

Plant identification

JBG herbarium identify plant specimens as a public service for free, with no individual to request identification for more than 30 plant specimens in a single calendar year, nor more than 10 plant specimens at any single visit.

In exchange for identification services, in some cases, we may request that specimens submitted be donated as voucher for the JBG Herbarium.

A good specimen, for accurate identification, should include several leaves attached to a section of stem, have flowers or fruits, and if possible, attached roots. Plants may be submitted fresh or pressed and dried. In order to facilitate the quickest and most accurate identification of your plant, the actual plant, in fruit or flower, is needed.

Operating Times

The library and herbarium are located at the Research Centre building in Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia.
Operating times 08:30-15: 30 (Monday- Friday)

For enquiries, please contact

Happy Vuma (Taxonomic Technician)
Telephone number: 011 782 0517

Vuyo Yani (Botanist)
Telephone number: 011 782 0517