Virtual Herbarium

The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens (JBG) Virtual Herbarium project was started in 2023 to digitize all specimens in the herbarium, enabling the collections to be more accessible.  Apart from digital images of the herbarium specimens, the field data on each specimen include information on family name, genus, collector name, collection date, plant description, location and comments (if any). A basic search capability is provided where users can search using family name.

Currently, 4405 plant specimens from 123 families have been digitized. About 70% of specimens in the JBG herbarium represent the vegetation of City of Johannesburg and the oldest specimen was collected in 1901. Collection of specimens is on-going.

For any enquiries, please contact:

Happy Vuma (Taxonomic Technician) 011 782 0517/
Vuyo Yani (Botanist) 011 712 0517/