• IDP Process is undertaken by the Mayoral Committee (Maycomm) prior to budget approval.
  • The City prioritises projects that are relevant to the needs of the community.
  • Planning process is further informed by Urban Development Framework in lieu of lack

of developed parks/public open spaces in a particular region/area

  • Open spaces must be verified with CoJ’s GIS department to confirm that they are

zoned as public open spaces, and the ownership is under CoJ.

If a particular space is zoned otherwise, then JCPZ cannot proceed and develop infrastructure in that space.

In some instances, open spaces are privately owned.

  • Joburg Cp3 is used to populate prioritised projects that require capital funding. However, that does not guarantee funding for each and every project that is uploaded on the system
  • CoJ Maycomm has a final say on the approval of projects and budgets.
  • All Capex projects, including allocation, are funded by the City.