The Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) contains aspects of the environment to a lesser or greater degree. The school’s programmes are interactive, learner-centred, fun and aim at enhancing curriculum learning where grade specific programmes are developed through consulting CAPS for grade R-12. The programmes are 1-3 hours long and cover a variety of topics such as open space management, water conservation, biodiversity, energy conservation and plant diversity. Through the programme learners are taken to JCPZ’s designated nature areas such as the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, The Johannesburg Zoo, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries, wetlands, environmental education centres, recreational parks, etc. to raise their environmental awareness on the need for proper open space utilisation, conservation and management. These types of programmes encourage development of critical thinking abilities and learner involvement in solving environmental problems in society. The following programmes with grade specific themes are offered by the different JCPZ environmental Education Centres.