Zoo Entrance Fees

Joburg Zoo entrance fees as of 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024

Adult R120,00
Child R70,00
Senior citizen R70,00
Student (weekdays only and student card required) R70,00
School groups (per person) R44,00
Differently abled people R44,00
Welfare groups (per person and weekdays only) R49,50
Zoo Trot R70,00
Conservation walks R76,50
External walks  
Group entrance tariff per person R27,00
Venue hire R3 762,15
Refundable deposit for use of wheelchair R100,00
Annual passes  
Adult R903,00
Adult VIP R1 200,00
Child R550,00
Child VIP R738,00
Pensioner R550,00
Pensioner VIP R738,00
Family of 4 (limited to 6 entrees per year) R1 214,00
Cars and mini vans R16,50
Buses (30 - 120 seaters) R28,00
Zoo Activities - Inclusive of Entry Fees  
Ferry Tour  
15 - 20 people R145,00
21 - 34 people R133,50
35+ people R116,00
Behind the Scenes Tour (flat rate) R140,00
School Day Tour (flat rate) R90,00
Senior Citizens' Tour (flat rate) R85,00
Evening Tour  
15 - 20 people R153,00
21 - 34 people R153,00
35+ people R140,00
School Evening Tour (flat rate) R127,00
Zoo Snooze  
25 - 49 people R243,00
49+ people R188,00
Holiday Programme R133,50
Zoo Buggies (per hour) R133,50
Ferry Rides  
Weekdays R5,00
Weekends R10,50
Youth Club per person per annum R728,00
Non-refundable Booking Administration Fees R237,50
R10 000,00 and less EM: BD
More than R10 000,00 MD/MD Nominee