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Animal adoption is fun and you can adopt any animal, no matter how big or small. The Adoption Programme enables individuals, corporations, schools, clubs, families and groups to participate and make a valuable contribution towards the care and enrichment of all the animals living at the Johannesburg Zoo. So the adoption fees not only help us to take care of the animals the money also goes towards the protection of endangered species. As a non profit organization we are in need of funds for supporting all species and upgrading facilities. In addition your contribution provides the necessary help to advance the zoo’s work with wildlife conservation organizations worldwide. It is also a rare opportunity to teach children and adults to take care of living creatures and to understand the environment that wild animals belong to.

You can help make a difference. Adopt an Animal is a great gift for friend and family celebrations and for special occasions. Your adoption will last one year from the date of joining and is renewable if you so wish. Attached is a small selection list of the different animals and creatures you can adopt and enjoy at the Johannesburg Zoo. All animals adopted are symbolic adoptions and remain within the Zoo. Animal choices are subject to change, if for reasons, the animal that you have adopted, needs to be removed from the zoo then your adoption will be transferred to another animal of your choice. In advance we thank you for your precious contribution and for your ongoing commitment to Johannesburg Zoo.

List of some of the animals at Joburg Zoo: Siberian Tiger, Lion, Honey Badger, Pot Bellied Pig, Gorilla, Ruffled Lemur, snake, Giraffe, Hippo, Rhino, Elephant, Axis Deer, Blue Crane, Monkey and many more.

R 300

  • Personalised Adoption Certificate;
  • One Free entrance voucher & paid parking;
  • Photograph of your adopted animal.
  • Species information.

R 550

  • Personalised Adoption Certificate;
  • Two Free entrance vouchers & paid parking
  • Photograph of your adopted animal;
  • Species Information.
  • Cap

R 1 200

  • Personalised Adoption Certificate;
  • 4 Free entrance vouchers & paid parking;
  • Photograph of your adopted animal;
  • Species Information;
  • Your name appears on the main
  • Sponsor board at the Zoo's entrance.
  • Book & Cap

R5000 - R10 000

  • Personalised Adoption Certificate;
  • Six Free entrance vouchers & paid parking
  • Photograph of your adopted animal;
  • Species Information;
  • Private keeper presentation at your
  • Adopted animal’s exhibit and Cap.

Banking Details - Joburg Zoo
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Ioanna 011 646  2000 x 2242

Share your love of animals by adopting your favourite animal at the Joburg Zoo either for yourself, another animal lover, a friend or relative. It's both rewarding and fun! When you adopt, your gift provides for the care and feeding of the animals and supports the Joburg Zoo's ongoing commitment to global wildlife conservation. Your generous donation helps to make the Johannesburg Zoo the best possible place for the animals to live, and for you to visit.

There are different kinds of adoption of packages and what they contain depends on the adoption fee. Adoption packs include tickets to the Zoo, an adoption certificate and information about your animal. To participate, pick the animal your animal, fill out the adoption application form below and send the completed form with payment to:

Animal adoption packages and application form


Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the world and support wildlife conservation? Look no further than Joburg Zoo! Your donations to the zoo can have a huge impact on the welfare of the animals we love and care for.

By donating to the zoo, you're helping us provide high-quality care for our animals. This means nutritious food, clean habitats, and expert veterinary care.

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