Jozi @ Work

Empowering community enterprises


More and more Johannesburg residents are getting down to work thanks to Jozi@Work, a City of Joburg programme that tackles unemployment, poverty and inequality by empowering community cooperatives and enterprises.

Jozi@Work will have achieved its key objectives 'when we reach a point where residents no longer accept handouts but put their hands up and make things happen for themselves' - Executive Mayor Parks Tau.

And Joburg City Parks and Zoo is playing an important role, as one of the key City agencies responsible for offering Jozi@Work opportunities to registered township small businesses and co-operatives.

1. What is Jozi@Work?

This is a new programme that is run by the City of Johannesburg to get all citizens to participate in reducing poverty and unemployment across the city. Over R1-billion of the City's 2014-15 budget for contracts, repairs and maintenance and facilities - across 9 different areas of work - will be spent through this system.

2. How does it work?

The approach that the City of Johannesburg has taken is that of empowering those who raise their hand and offer meaningful services to their communities. It's about responding to needs in your backyard. This way we improve the delivery of services while creating new and long-term business opportunities. No more hand-outs.

3. How does the City monitor the quality and the completion of work?

Capability Support Agents
All jobs assigned through Jozi@Work will be monitored and supported by a Capability Support Agent (CSA). This person will make sure that work is done to the City's standards. He/she will also help the co-operatives to rent the equipment and purchase the raw materials they need to do the work.

Long-term support
The CSA will also provide training, advise and support - and help the co-operative/ company get low-cost loans that will sustain them beyond the Jozi@Work intiative. This is how we grow job opportunities and improve our standard of living.

4. What are the focus areas?

The City has identified 9 different areas of work, including the following:

  • Energy - jobs encompass working on electrical grids, electricity distribution and assistance of City Power customers.
  • Waste - jobs include waste collection, separation and procession.
  • Greening services - jobs include landscaping, greening, grass cutting, planting and maintenance of turf and plant life in parks and open spaces.
  • Road and transport infrastructure - work packages involve the maintenance and building of new roads and cycle lanes and related work.