27 May 2021

World Environment Day is on our doorstep and with just a few days to the 5th June, the global call to action to save our environment, is critical.  In a time when nations are grappling with the Covid pandemic, the onus lies on each individual to take active responsibility in restoring our planet.  This year should be no different.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, the custodians in greening in the City of Joburg is urging residents to do their part in making our city a green and liveable one for generations to come.

The United Nations (UN) has declared the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, simply put, we have under a decade to get our act together by 2030, with the purpose of restoring the ongoing degradation of our environment and ecosystem. 

World Environment Day on the 5th June 2021, will be the starting point as initiated by the UN where individuals, environmental organizations, corporates, governments and people from all walks of life, can join forces in a global movement to make a tangible difference in reversing the adverse effects and atrocities caused by climate change.

The stark reality is that we don’t have much time but if we start now, we can restore earth to it splendor. Join the #GenerationRestoration movement by shifting your mindset in your daily activities.  Here are a few ideas to get you involved :-

  • Under supervision and strict Covid regulations, communities can plan a clean-up in a park, public open space, lakes, streams or a river bank
  • Community members can join in removing illegal dumping and litter
  • Plant indigenous trees as they offset carbon monoxide, harmful pollutants, assist with pollination but to mention a few benefits
  • Start your own vegetable or herb gardens but be sure to know which grow seasonally. Dispose of organic waste in your garden and use as compost
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Practice the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) at home
  • Use energy sparingly, e.g. solar heating, energy saving lights, saving water or talking a walk to your nearby grocery store instead of driving
  • Initiate discussions, engagements and fun activities with neighbors, family and friends while visiting your local park

Look out for our social media platforms for more information.

As we prepare to mark World Environment Day 2021, let us remember the future benefits of our actions as we plant our seeds now for a better tomorrow.