Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo will be removing 312 trees along the Delta-Orlando 88kV power servitude along the Braamfontein spruit in the Parkhurst area.

These trees stand between 10 to 15 meters high and are currently encroaching on the 88kV overhead powerlines, resulting in the increasing number of power outages in the Parkhurst area.

Failure to remove these trees will subsequently result in the damage to City Power's infrastructure such as the substation and transformer alongside private properties.

Please note that JCPZ does not condone the removal of trees in the city which are protected by strict open space bylaws. However, this crucial exercise is conducted in the interest of the safety and well-being of residents. JCPZ values trees as they are vital to our environment and beautifying the city.

JCPZ wants to assure residents that the maintenance and management of trees in City of Johannesburg is continuously prioritized.

The project will be executed in two phases. The first phase is due to start on 7 September 2023 for approximately 3 to 5 weeks.




JCPZ does not permit the cutting down of trees. The only circumstances under which JCPZ will cut down a tree is when the tree is severely dying back, diseased beyond recovery or dead. Trees can only be removed should they pose a danger to the public or private property. JCPZ regards the following requests as invalid reasons for trees to be removed and therefore such requests may not be approved under the following conditions:

- Security hazard

- Dropping of leaves/seeds/flowers into a pool or gutters

- Blocking sunlight

- Blocking of street lights (making the property dark)

- Blocking residents’ view

- The tree is exotic/invasive

- Wants to construct an additional entrance to the resident’s property and the tree is in the way.

- The tree grows into the overhead power cables, the tree blocks the reception of the residents satellites, etc.

- Should the customer insist on the removal of the tree for any of the invalid reasons stated above or other reasons, it may be done but then the customer will be required to pay for (1) the value of the tree (as JCPZ is losing an asset) and (2) the labour costs for removing the tree.


Please be informed that all service requests relating to Horticultural Maintenance and Park Infrastructure must be directed to the City of Johannesburg call center on (011) 375 5555 / 0860 56 2874 or alternatively e-mail


Please be informed that all service requests relating to emergency fallen trees/branches must be directed to the City of Johannesburg call center on (011) 375 5555 / 0860 56 2874 or alternatively e-mail Tree emergencies include: Obstruction of streets, trees that have fallen onto properties or vehicles, trees that have fallen onto the sidewalk but block the owner’s driveway, prevent the owner exiting from the property, trees that have fallen onto residents