About Horticultural Maintenance

Horticultural maintenance is one of the main services that Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) offers in the City of Johannesburg (CoJ). This maintenance service is rendered in parks, nature reserves, cemeteries, the Johannesburg Botanical Garden, the Zoo, Landscaped Islands and Town Entrances, and selected main arterials. Horticultural maintenance services include grass cutting, litter picking, weed control, flowerbed maintenance, beautification, hedge trimming, blowing of fallen leaves and raking of pathways.

Maintenance is administrated in order to provide safe public open spaces in which communities may use to improve their health and to enhance social cohesion. Well-maintained public open spaces also provide the following benefits to communities and the CoJ at large:

  • Holds great importance and contributes to the improvement of air quality, biodiversity, tourism, food security, promotes climate change mitigation and creates employment opportunities
  • Improves environmental and economic resilience
  • Builds social resilience, especially when developed and stewarded in a collaborative and communitydriven approach
  • By improving healthy lifestyles a strong and growing city is built for present and future generations
  • Public open spaces also have a positive impact on mental health and general wellbeing of human and animal life