Plan Your Visit

Our parks are there for the enjoyment of all; keep in mind the safety and comfort of others when you are using them. Although City Parks works hard to keep our parks looking beautiful, it cannot do this without your help. Visitors need to be involved in keeping our parks in pristine condition.



  • Picnic in designated areas
  • Dogs on leash in designated areas
  • Passive recreation
  • Park vehicles in parking area
  • Book events for groups of 15 or more people
  • Feed ducks in designated areas only
  • Cycle in designated areas only
  • Book for organised photo or film shoots and events


  • No open fires, braais or gas braais
  • No gazebos
  • No fireworks
  • Don't remove labels from plants
  • Don't dump objects in ponds
  • No alcohol
  • No cars inside garden
  • No loud music
  • No illegal vending
  • No dogs in dams or water fountains
  • Don't pick flowers or leaves
  • No littering
  • No ball games in theme gardens
  • Don't break branches of trees or shrubs
  • No angling allowed inside park

To book photo shoots for weddings or picnics, or to book events, please phone 011 712 6664/ 011 712 6658 / 011 712 6690.
No open fires or braais are allowed in the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.
In case of emergency, please call: sector police on 071 675 6065/ 076 285 2260/011 486 5000.